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The Arcade Space Shooter Template is a feature-complete game template made in 100% Blueprints that allows you to create a 3D space shooter, similar to games like Starfox.

The template includes the following:

Gameplay Modes:

  • Track Mode - Player follows a spline-based track through the level. Can customize Player forward speed, as well as offsets in the Y and Z directions. Ability to have multiple paths unlocked based on triggers overlapped or enemies killed.
  • All-Range Mode - Player can fly anywhere in the map.

Choose your Perspective:

  • Includes a third-person camera, first-person camera, and a backwards-looking camera.
  • The third-person camera has a Fixed Mode (follows the Ship but does not inherit rotations), and Static Mode (follows the Player’s rotations and movement)


  • Roll - Roll to 90 degrees to either side and keep the rotation as long as you hold the button
  • Barrel Roll - double-tap the roll button to barrel roll to either side
  • Boost - Short burst forward. Speed increase and time of increase can be customized
  • Brake - Slows down for a short period of time. Time of decrease and final speed can be customized
  • Somersault - Speed and trajectory can be customized with a Timeline curve
  • UTurn - Speed and trajectory can be customized with a Timeline curve


  • Weapons included - Laser, Homing Charge Shot, Fireball, Bomb
  • Includes a simple weapon switching system that allows you to cycle through weapons. Can easily add new weapon types
  • The damage per weapon is easily customizable


  • Pickups parent class comes with a variety of settings, such as whether you want the pickup to stick to the Player, or rotate around the Player, and for how long
  • Pickups included - Health, Shield, Points, Points Cache, Laser Upgrade (double laser), and Bombs!

Actor Components

  • Template comes with 10 actor components to quickly add functionality to any actor in your scene!
  • Functionality includes simulate physics on hit, add actor to radar system, convert HISM actor into a fully destructible actor (destruction per instance), and more!


  • Template comes with several blueprints that help you create obstacles in your level
  • Take any mesh and make it move or rotate in specific patterns, or add moving debris to your level
  • Two door blueprints that open on proximity or when hit by the Player

HUD System

  • Complete HUD system includes Player’s Health, Shield, Weapon equipped, ability timer, and bombs available.
  • HUD can display alert messages and it notifies Player when a checkpoint is saved

Menu System

  • Complete menu system with a Main Menu and Pause Menu
  • Pause Menu comes with options to resume to the game, restart the level, save the game, access options, go to the main menu, and quit the game
  • Options include - Gameplay Options (such as adjusting difficulty) and Graphics Quality Settings
  • Save and Load functionality included for 3 save slots!

Enemy AI

  • Comprehensive enemy AI is included - AI moves in 6DOF and has obstacle avoidance
  • Comes with 3 Idle Behaviors and 6 Combat Behaviors.
  • Each instance of the AI gets a variety of parameters from its pawn allowing you to customize the AI behavior on individual enemies!
  • Comes with 2 sample bosses - one in All-Range Mode and one in Track Mode

Level-Building Tools

  • Procedural Debris - creates a destructible asteroid field using ISM. You can specify the instance’s health and its behavior once destroyed. Can use a culling volume to create a path for the Player through the asteroid field
  • Road Builder - Simple tool used to create spline-based roads. Easily change the mesh and materials to suit your needs. Automatically create bridge sections - the supports adjust to the terrain in realtime
  • Corridor Builder - create your indoor scenes in minutes with this blueprint. Comes with 4 connector types and the ability to chain several blueprints together to create indoor sections.


  • Bonus Modes: Survival Mode and Time Attack Mode
  • Level-linking system allows you to create your level sequence in minutes. You can also specify the level music and other parameters
  • Checkpoint system
  • Difficulty Manager - change the game’s difficulty at runtime - it changes each enemy’s stats based on difficulty. Easily extendible to your other systems!
  • Debug tools allows you to skip to any part of the level while on track mode, as well as debug point and radial damage
  • Comes with sample meshes (ship, enemies, building) and particle systems (explosions, smoke)
  • Custom sounds included

Requirements: Unreal Engine 4.18 or higher.


You can reach me directly at coquigamestudio@gmail.com or message me here with any questions / comments.

I will start working on more detailed documentation and video tutorials founds on my Youtube Channel.

**Art assets are meant for demonstration purposes and are not optimized for production
**Template does not come with the music or sound effects seen on the videos


Buy Now$49.99 USD or more

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