Arcade Space Shooter Template - Release 1.1

Hi everyone,

This is the first major release for the Arcade Space Shooter Template. It contains the following updates:

  • Refactored the Track Code to allow for continuously curved tracks - now you have more flexibility in the types of tracks you can create!
  • Added custom sounds to the template - created with BFXR and acquired online with a CC-0 license
  • Added BP_StageClear - a Blueprint that allows you to end the level without fighting a Boss. It can be as simple as overlapping a trigger, or killing a certain amount of enemies before being active
  • Added a new tool to align actors to your track easily!
  • New Game Mode - Thrust Mode. Now you can toggle between moving and staying stationary to allow for more classic gameplay. I included a sample level to showcase this mode
  • New Obstacle Course level added - it showcases the new track code and the different types of obstacles you can easily create with the template
  • A host of bug fixes that I caught along the way


    [4.18] ArcadeSpaceShooter 170 MB
    Nov 24, 2017

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